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Why Clean Matters

The Renaissance of Clean

The industry's most successful retailers are investing in an improved customer experience, and it is paying dividends. In the 90s, clean bathrooms became a point of differentiation for retailers who focused on the customer experience. Those who made their stores the #1 destination for their customers' #2 stood out as top performers. Today, clean bathrooms are no longer a point of differentiation, they are a minimum requirement to be considered a viable retail choice.


The competitive landscape of retail petroleum today is crowded. Retailers are looking for ways to replace the lost profit dollars from declining tobacco sales. The most common strategy comes in the form of a fresh food offering Entering the food service arena brings a whole host of opportunities and challenges. Now you are faced with competition from supermarkets, quick-serve restaurants, and c-stores in the battle for customer wallet-share.

Standing out from this crowd can be difficult. The secret to success lies in a strategy that you may not have considered...



Boost Sales

Maintaining a consistently clean store can increase sales by 15% or more

Buy More

6 out of 10 shoppers say they would buy more at a clean store

Stand Out

Cleanliness and friendly service are top customer differentiators

Unlock the Power of Clean

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Common Cleaning Challenges

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